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According to all the rules of the art: that is, according to regulations; as it should be; complete – this is how I strive to be responsive to work and in relations to work.

In other places it says about me: “The competence profile of Mr. Tschernay is very pronounced and can be assessed with a high uniqueness value.1)Furthermore, he likes to captivate the participants as multipliers of the topic.2)

And this is how I see myself: straightforward, harmonious, precise, solid, reliable, careful, loyal, like apersonal secretary”, but also: devoted, casual, relaxed, imaginative, persistent, open, considerate, young at heart, just an established one Expert with a strong capital





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Don’t leave traces, but lay traces.


1) from: Final assessment “D & B Service and Education gGmbH”, March 10, 2014

2) from: Lecturer evaluation “Module Online Journalism”, October 21, 2013


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