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The “Helpful Samples” all come from our own hand and are examples of results in the search for special, easily usable and self-evident solutions.


“The tasting is tied to a number of specific requirements.”

Alfred Kölling: Reference book for waiters [Fachbuch für Kellner]. Leipzig, VEB Fachbuchverlag, 1956, p. 176


  1. VAT calculator:
    The VAT calculator calculates the net, gross and VAT amounts according to the specified VAT rate with just one entry in accordance with the rounding rules.

Further developments (still hidden):

  1. A program to translate Roman to Arabic numbers.

  2. A program to translate Arabic to Roman numbers.


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The Creator has a masterful plan. The masterful Creator has a plan. Creation makes the masterful player.<

You can see how I break away from the mirror.

It can be seen
Do I get away from the mirror?
Simple. It’s not like this.
With a long stride he puts foot to foot. He walks long stride foot by foot. The steps take him a long time, foot to foot.

Over the clouds
Did I go to heaven?
Height. That can’t be, damn it.
He took me to his chest, hungry

Download a PDF file: Download the poem (PDF)


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