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I teach and convey content around the spectrum of “corporate publishing” in the creative, artistic, craft, technical, agricultural, commercial and also in the private sphere, i.e. wherever typical job tasks and issues are to be dealt with independently and responsibly using print and online media in accordance with the theoretical and practical requirements.


The primary goal of teaching with further education events is the ongoing qualification of all individuals, groups of people, organizations, associations, foundations, societies, institutions, companies, etc. who are interested in their professional competence.


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Anyone who can bake bread every day (e.g. for themselves) does not automatically have the expertise of a trained baker. The hygiene regulations to be observed by a specialist, for example, or information on the shelf life of baked goods are usually only known to those who have completed a qualified training.

Source: Wikipedia [de], Expertise » Examples of professional competence [Fachkompetenz » Beispiele für Fachkompetenz]


… and a few reasons to involve me as an external expert and to use my educational events around the spectrum of “corporate publishing”:

      • In-house or external events
      • Basic and advanced courses
      • Offers in a modular format according to previous knowledge and qualification levels
      • Handover of all relevant documents and work results in digital form after the event
      • simple fee calculation


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