[ Consulting ]


I advise on the areas of corporate publishing1), corporate identity2), corporate design3), corporate social responsibility4), corporate culture5), corporate communication6), corporate language7), corporate behavior8), last but not least corporate philosophy9).

The consulting helps the person seeking advice starting from the analysis of the reference and clarifying it – to find a solution that meets their needs.

However, consulting is not an isolated process between the person seeking advice and me, the counselor: it is always embedded in a specific organizational and social context (relevant partners, higher-level organizations, social framework conditions, political expectations).


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1) the presentation of the company in the form of publications

2) the identity of the company with distinguishing features

3) the visual appearance of the company

4) corporate social responsibility

5) the day-to-day behavior of the company

6) the internal and external communication of the company

7) the targeted language level of the company

8) the company’s conduct towards the public

9) the self-image and the intention of the company founder


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