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The cover today can be handmade or industrially produced, but the appearance is always subject to an idea and ingenuity. For me, not only the typographical design of the title and author’s name is a challenging task: the excellent envelope for the book makes it an everyday present for everyone.



Composition, layout, arrangement, structuring, envelope, keeping, stance, further synonyms.



Beauty is a book with seven seals.


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Not everything that is beautiful is beautiful. But beauty is multifaceted.


“Beauty as an intelligible form does not only exist as a poem, painting or symphony, but also as a polyhedron, rotation, periodicity, proportion, golden ratio, Fibonacci series or string theory.”

Source: Beatrix Langner, “The ball game. A Guide for Lunar Travelers” [Das Kugelspiel. Ein Leitfaden für Mondreisende]; in: Johannes Kepler, “The dream, or: moon astronomy” [Der Traum, oder: Mond-Astronomie]. Matthes & Seitz Berlin, 2011.


Examples (see below):

    • Example 1: Jeanne Mammen; Lithographs »Girlfriends / Amies«. Paul Verlaine: »Sapphic Sonnets« [Jeanne Mammen; Lithographien »Freundinnen / Amies«. Paul Verlaine: »Sapphische Sonette«].
      Jeanne Mammen Society registered association [Jeanne-Mammen-Gesellschaft e. V.], Berlin, 2003.
    • Example 2: Series of covers for “Annegret Gollin; (1) I-lyrics [Ich-dichte]; (2) Homeland-poetry [Heimat-Lyrik]; (3) Ready-(f)or-Love [Liebesb(e)reit]”.
      Labyrinth Verlag Berlin, 1992.
    • Example 3: Series of covers for “Peter Rother; (1) Teutsche [Teutsche]; (2) Visit to the poet [Besuch beim Dichter]; (3) Consolation [Trost]”.
      © Peter Rother, Dresden, 1994.


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Figure of the cover.Figure page 1.Figure of pages 2 – 3Figure of pages 4 – 5Figure of pages 6 – 7Figure of pages 8 – 9Figure of pages 10 – 11Figure of pages 12 – 13

  • Example 1: Figure from: Jeanne Mammen; Lithographs »Girlfriends / Amies«. Paul Verlaine: »Sapphic Sonnets«. Cover and pages 1 – 13.


Figure for: Annegret Gollin, I-lyrics, Cover.Cover for: Annegret Gollin, I-lyrics, Illustration.
Annegret Gollin,
(1) I-lyrics.

Figure for: Annegret Gollin, Homeland-poetry, Cover.Cover for: Annegret Gollin, Homeland-poetry, Illustration.
Annegret Gollin,
(2) Homeland-poetry.

  • Example 2: Cover and one illustration each for: “Annegret Gollin;
    (1) I-lyrics,
    (2) Homeland-poetry,
    (3) Ready-(f)or-Love”.

Figure from: Annegret Gollin, Ready-(f)or-Love, Cover.Figure from: Annegret Gollin, Ready-(f)or-Love, Illustration.
Annegret Gollin,
(3) Ready-(f)or-Love.

Figure from: Peter Rother, Teutsche, Cover.Figure from: Peter Rother, Teutsche, Illustration.
Peter Rother,
(1) Teutsche.

  • Example 3: Cover and one illustration each for: “Peter Rother;
    (1) Teutsche,
    (2) Visit to the poet,
    (3) Consolation”.

Figure from: Peter Rother, Visit to the poet, Cover.Figure from: Peter Rother, Visit to the poet, Illustration.
Peter Rother,
(2) Visit to the poet.

Figure from: Peter Rother, Consolation, Cover.Figure from: Peter Rother, Consolation, Illustration.
Peter Rother,
(3) Consolation.