[ Graphic design ]

Painting and graphics

One speaks of painting, provided that the colors applied to the surface in the creative process adhere firmly to the surface. A classic surface is linen, the canvas; the earliest subsurface is the rock face. A graphic is created when the underground is changed sublime and by hand in creative action. Most often, paper is the basis of a graphic. Painting and graphics capture the author’s thoughts; therefore they are very personal.



One speaks of illustration when a text or a fact is explained, interpreted, described, interpreted, represented and graphically explained or retold. The illustration needs a thought regardless of its form and function.


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Graphic designer is and will not be a job title.

Graphic design specifies the course of interaction between the reader target group and the layout – a graphic design or a creative solution.

The solution principles applied in graphic design use not only text with the options for structuring it, but also graphic elements as a multimedia format so that the content or messages can be optimally absorbed and processed in a relevant manner by the reader …


Example from the graphic design spectrum (see below):

      • The island of Kolguiev, in: Wassili Golowanow; The island or justification for senseless travel. Novel [Wassili Golowanow; Die Insel oder Rechtfertigung des sinnlosen Reisens. Roman].
        Matthes & Seitz Berlin, 2012.


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Figure 1: Map drawing of the island of Kolguiev.

Figure 1:
The island of Kolguiev, Map drawing.


Figure 2: Map section of the island of Kolguiev.

Figure 2:
The island of Kolguiev, Map section.