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The dialogue is a – often: confidential – conversation that is carried out as an exchange of thoughts and opinions, as a discourse, also as a debate between two people or partners.

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When looking up in modern media, the term “dialogue” is predominantly associated with therapeutic relationship resolution.




But a dialogue that is far more than conflict resolution is used in a modern way, often and simply referred to as the general “communication”.


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This ended the somewhat difficult dialogue that everyone had followed with some embarrassment.

Theodor Fontane: The Stechlin [Der Stechlin]. Berlin, 1899.




If a circle consists of one outstanding mind and several middle and inferior minds, then that group quickly moves down to the general level because of lack of stimulus; if he counts several important minds, the peace is soon disturbed, because everyone has little partisans around him, to whom he makes concessions, etc. In dialogue one is more impartial, the speech can be directed to a certain person, vanity does not mix easily one, doesn’t get hurt easily, and the whole thing is more productive for both parties.

Arthur Michelis: Travel school for tourists and spa guests [Reiseschule für Touristen und Curgäste]. Leipzig, 1869.


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“Think Tank”, thinking and steering: a common slogan when there is a dialogue in educational language and in education.


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