[ Book design ]

The “Faithful Eckart”

As a book designer, I see myself in the role of “Faithful Eckart”. For the overall concept of a book I deal with the objective and pay attention to the many details, not only with the layout, the typographical system, but also with the typography, the typographical detail; because only an appealing overall impression encourages you to pick up a book. That means: the reader perceives the book from the outside in. And on March 16, 2014 the opens a new browser windows: Leipzig Book Fair summarizes what is special about the book, not for the first time: “This year, too, it has been shown that literature connects people in a unique way. The Leipzig Book Fair impressed with its themed worlds …”

In the optimal case, however, as a book designer, I work from the inside out and mainly deal with the following individual questions:
Content, format, scope, typography, materials (paper, cover materials), reprography and printing.


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At the beginning of the book design, I am responsible for the macro typography (also called layout, large typography or typographical appendix), which includes determining the page format, the size of the sentence columns and images and their placement, the organization of the title order and the legends and all others typographic elements.


Graphic and typographical features

The design features of a printed page are distinguished not only in the organizing, systematic internal link: , but also in the internal link: , the fine details of the font, the line, the page. My challenge is to optimally combine these design features in a suitable way.

This also applies to the magazine, flyer, poster, advertisement or business card – on paper or as a digital version.


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